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The Ninth International Workshop on Biosensors, organized by Professor Aziz AMINE, Hassan II University of Casablanca, will be held in Merzouga (Morocco), from 09th to 11th October, 2019. This workshop will bring together experts and those who are interested in the themes of the workshop. It will include plenary lectures, Keynote lectures, oral and poster presentations. It follows the same aims as the previous workshops organized in Marrakech 2003, Agadir 2005, Fez 2007, Tangier 2009, Ouarzazate 2011, Essaouira 2013, Erfoud 2015 and Rabat 2017.


Plenary Conferences:

  • Ritu Kataky, Durham University, U.K
  • Kevin W. Plaxco, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Non-exhaustive list of Keynote lectures:

  • Camelia BALA, University of BucharestRomania
  • Naoufel HaddourCentral School of Lyon, France
  • Hafsa Korri-YoussoufiUniversity ParisSud, France
  • Noureddine RaouafiUniversity of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia
  • Roberto Paolesse, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
  • Ilaria Palchetti, University of Florence, Italy
  • Khaled N Salama, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Steering Commitee

A. AmineChairman (Morocco), C.M.A. Brett (Portugal), G. Palleschi (Italy)

International Scientific Committee

A. Amine (Morocco) L. Gorton (Sweden) A. Merkoci (Spain)
C. Bala (Roumania) J. Hart (UK ) E. Morales-Narváez (Mexico)
C.M.A. Brett (Portugal) F. B. Ibrahim (Malaysia) J. Orozco (Colombia)
E. Dempsey (Ireland) E. Iwuoha (South Africa) G. Palleschi (Italy)
Arzum Erdem (Turkey) J-M. Kauffmann (Belgium) N. Raouafi (Tunisia)
A.Errachid (France) Y. Korpan (Ukraine) N. Rozlosnik (Denmark)
O. Fatibello-Filho (Brazil) Genxi Li (China) W. Schumann (Germany)
    K. Sode (Japan)



A one-page abstract is required by June 28th, 2019 on the following topics:

  • Electrochemical  biosensors
  • Optical biosensors
  • Nanobiosensors & nanomaterials
  • Label-free biosensors
  • Nucleic acid sensors and aptasensors
  • Enzyme-based biosensors
  • Immunosensors
  • Whole cell-based biosensors
  • Natural & synthetic receptors
  • Printed biosensors and microfabrication
  • Microfluidics
  • Commercial biosensors

The abstracts of 200-300 words (maximum 1 page A4 including references, single spaced in Times New Roman 12pt. within an area 15´24 cm) should be prepared as follows: Title: CAPITALS, one line space, Initials and Family names of authors, one line space: Author’s affiliation and mailing address, one line space: Text, one line space: References.

Send your abstract via e-mail to Prof. Aziz Amine at (azizamine@yahoo.fr; a.amine@univh2m.ac.ma).

You will be notified upon receipt of your abstract. If you do not receive an e-mail notification after seven days, please fax the abstract to +212 523 315353.

Contributing papers will be accepted for the Final Programme only after registration of one of the authors.

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Plenary lectures : 45 min

Keynote lectures : 30 min

Oral presentations : 20 min

Poster presentations: Maximum poster dimensions will be 90 cm wide/120 cm deep.

Important Deadlines

March 31st, 2019: Second announcement

June 28th, 2019: Submission of the abstracts

July 10th, 2019: Information to authors about acceptance of abstracts

July 24th, 2019:  Early registration with reduced fee

October 09th-11th, 2019: Workshop